Bonsai Trees

Styles: Windswept - Fukinagashi

Heavily exposed to the strong elements of nature, this style creates a tree where virtually every single branch and twig has been forced to grow in one direction by strong prevailing winds. The trunk should slope heavily and strong surface roots are needed to give the bonsai the appearance of stability, even though the tree has been trained to grow to one side.

Deadwood and jins are often created to further achieve the illusion of the struggle that the tree has experienced during its lifetime. Sometimes trees which would otherwise be poor subjects for bonsai can be transformed when trained in this style, which must always create a feeling of great movement.

Most types of pot are suitable, particularly primitive pots, crescent pots or slabs of natural rock.

Windswept style bonsai

Formal Upright - Chokkan
Informal Upright - Moyogi
Literati - Bunjingi
Windswept - Fukinagashi
Cascade - Kengai
Twin Trunk - Sokan
Root Over Rock - Sekijoju
Bonsai Root On Rock - Ishitsuki
Bonsai Driftwood - Sharimiki
Bonsai Group Planting - Yose-Ue
Bonsai Broom - Hokidachi

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