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Stepping Stones and Pathways

Collection of Japanese maples, with pagodaStepping stones are both practical and ornamental and well positioned can provide a natural looking pathway around the garden. When placing stepping stones, it always makes more sense if your pathway leads you around the garden, or to a focal point, such as a bonsai collection, pagoda or Japanese lantern.

Stepping stones can be quite hard to source, since they need at least one side to be flat. Reclamation yards are good places to look for stepping stones, although when you need a fair quantity of stones, it can be expensive. Therefore, more and more gardeners are opting for man-made irregular imitation stepping stones, which can be extremely realistic, particularly once they have weathered a little. By positioning identical man-made stepping stones at different angles, you can make them look quite different and surprisingly natural.

Slate circular stepping stones

View of stepping stones and bonsai

Close-up of stepping stones

Modern bench, simple and Japanese in style

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