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Finishing Touches

Black and red shed with Japanese-style featuresFinishing touches are the extra details that help set the tone for the whole Japanese bonsai garden. These can include underplantings of black mondo grass, dwarf bamboo, hostas and muted plants that add character to the garden, without distracting the eye.

Other options include plaques, dragons, bamboo deer scarers, water basins, Buddhas, granite statues, guide stones, planters and many further items. Positioned subtly they add extra interest when happened upon. Japanese characters can add authenticity to garden furniture and can be easily reproduced by stenciling. Be careful not to overdo things though!

Any outdoor space should be used where possible and a Japanese garden always benefits from a seating area. Simple wooden or granite benches provide somewhere to stop, take a seat and enjoy the view, and so should be positioned accordingly. And why not consider adding a wind chime or two?

Granite rabbit statue

Painted koi carp ornament

Metal grasshopper ornament

Stone-effect bird ornaments

Picture of bamboo gazebo

Photo of pebbles

Garden swing seat

Garden furniture

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