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Planting Bonsai in the Garden

Pyracantha garden bonsaiWe all have bonsai that we just don't know what to do with. Maybe they will just never make good bonsai for one reason or another.

I have planted several of my trees in a pebble 'beach' which surrounds one side of the pond. Here they are trained as 'garden' bonsai, together with other plants, such as hebe, which is a natural ball of foliage, reminiscent of clipped azaleas often found in Japanese gardens.

These bonsai are reasonable trees that I no longer wanted in my collection, but for sentimental reasons wished to keep them. Many trees in my garden started life as bonsai, some are kept pruned, others are allowed to grow much larger. It is a great way to reduce a collection, but still keep the trees!

Clipped garden bonsai, created using Italian privet

Garden maples, grown from cuttings

Maples and pathway

Stepping stone pathway

Aerial photo of maples, showing the different shapes and leaf colours

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Planting Bonsai in the Garden
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